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Speed test with 12

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on May 4, 2012


Speed test with 12


I downloaded some sample addresses from and imported a little over 20,000. I was amazed at the results in 12.

Background: the file was converted to 12 from 11. It's a clean file with only two calculated fields to produce a mailing label and a mapping address, both of which are not updated.

I made a report list layout formatted for the iPhone and set the background to none and the text to white. No conditional formatting, etc. 

In other words its a pretty basic flat file and report.

Now here's my results.

Finds are almost instantaneous on the Pro file or on the Go file using WiFi with my Touch sitting next to my laptop. I'll try it over the Internet after a bit.

Sorting on the laptop is almost instantaneous and scrolling is not bad at all. Scrolling on the Touch is fast but there are fill in gaps.

Now sorting on the Touch is a bit slow over wifi as all of the records have to be sent to the Touch from Filemaker Pro. Perhaps Server doesn't need to do this and it would be faster.

I transfered the file to the Touch and am running it locally. The sort takes 5 or 10 seconds but then the find is instantaneous for the list report. This may be smoke and mirrors...

Filemaker doesn't remember the sort but does remember that the list was sorted so when I reopen the report it sorts again. xBase files have instant sorting as long as you use an index file. But then you can't easily or quickly find a word in the text string...

Oh, I should mentione that the sort I am seeing is on 6 fields... Could this make a difference?

Using only one field is a bit zipper on the Touch but only saves a few seconds. The sort on a small table form was faster than the sort on the report list with 5 or 6 summary fields.

Hardware and RAM and how much ram you have alloted plus other running apps, virus scans and so on will affect performance.

Now to test the Internet!

Naturally the sort is slower over the internet than over local wifi, maybe 4 or 5 times slower. I had to use my 4G xFinity hot spot and an Ethernet to cable modem connection. Took me back to the days of my Mac plus where I watched the thermometer slowly creap ahead when importing and sorting. Memories... Those 68K processors were really something when coupled with 1 Meg of Ram.