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Speeding up Search

Question asked by mr.b. on Sep 27, 2014
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Speeding up Search



HI All,



Hoping you can help. I have a file for my Wife's Osteopathic Practice.

It's nothing too fancy, deals with patient information, billing, invoicing and appointments etc.

About a year ago we moved from hosting locally (actually on the same machine as the user was logged onto but on a separate admin account) to a hosted remote service provided by a 3rd party company. Generally it all works well and makes remote access slightly easier but the main issue is that searches for Patient names is very slow.

I'm no master programmer but think I've done everything correctly. The name fields are indexed as is a full name calculation field which is where the search for a patient is normally performed. (It's calculations is - Case ( IsEmpty ( NameFirst ) ; NameTitle & " " & NameLast; IsEmpty ( NameLast ) ; NameFirst ; NameFirst & " "  & NameLast)

The initial search seems to take 5 to 10 seconds but each time you then search for the same person, it's instant. However, if you log out and back in again, searching for the same person, you're back to 10 seconds for the initial search.

Is there a way I can speed this whole initial search up as I really like having the file hosted but am getting grief of my dearly beloved about the slow search.

The patients table has roughly 800 Records so it's not hues at all. Obviously the bookings and invoicing /payment tables are far in excess of that, currently approximately 15000 but we always start with a patient search.


Hope that's enough info for someone to suggest something but please let me know if you need anything else.


Kind Regards


Mark Ballard