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Speeding up Sorts

Question asked by BryanN on Sep 10, 2012
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Speeding up Sorts


     Currently, I have a layout that displays all of the jobs we have ever done in a list, sorting them from most recent to least recent (thanks Phil!).  However, I've noticed in paticular that the sort can be a bit sluggish, especially if we are logging in via remote/VPN.  My current script to show all jobs and sort looks like this:

     Go to layout ["work order list" (Work Orders)]

     Show All Records

     Sort records [Restore; No dialog]

     Go to record/request/page [First]


     Is there a better way to be able to show all jobs and go to the most recent one that performs a bit quicker?  On the same wavelength, I have pretty much the same script but instead of Show All Records, I have it performing a find omitting jobs that have been 'closed' ,  showing only open ones.  Any better way of doing that?