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    Speeding up Sorts



      Speeding up Sorts


           Currently, I have a layout that displays all of the jobs we have ever done in a list, sorting them from most recent to least recent (thanks Phil!).  However, I've noticed in paticular that the sort can be a bit sluggish, especially if we are logging in via remote/VPN.  My current script to show all jobs and sort looks like this:

           Go to layout ["work order list" (Work Orders)]

           Show All Records

           Sort records [Restore; No dialog]

           Go to record/request/page [First]


           Is there a better way to be able to show all jobs and go to the most recent one that performs a bit quicker?  On the same wavelength, I have pretty much the same script but instead of Show All Records, I have it performing a find omitting jobs that have been 'closed' ,  showing only open ones.  Any better way of doing that?

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               Are the records specified in you sort order indexed? Specifing indexed fields in your sort order produces a faster sort than unindexed fields. You can check the storage tab in field options or the storage options button in specify calculation to check this setting.

               The same is true for performing a find.

               If the most recent job is also the most recently create record in your table. Leaving the records unsorted, showing all records and going to the last record in the found set will find the most recent record without any sorting.