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Speedup a Script

Question asked by dejosejimpaul on Apr 19, 2014
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Speedup a Script


     Hi this is my first post in this forum and I am just beginning to learn FileMaker. I need some advice regarding one of my script. First, I have this data entry layout shown below:


     Then I have this first script shown below:

     I use this script to multiply the value of each size field to negative one (-1) so I will have a negative number. I will then call this script from my second script shown below:

     As you can see, I put the Toggle Sign script in a Loop script step to set the value of each size field on my layout to a negative number for each and every record in the found set.. After this, I will then export the records to a CSV (text) file. I will then call again the Toggle Sign script to change the value of the size fields back to positive.

     Now the problem is, the script takes merely five (5) minutes to complete which I found a bit slow. Is there any way to speedup the whole process? Thanks in advance.