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Split 1 record into 3 records?

Question asked by neu on Mar 7, 2010
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Split 1 record into 3 records?


I am running Filemaker 10 on Windows 7. I have a contract database (each contract is a record). Each contract has 3 payment dates, and I need to construct a separate layout which gives a schedule of payments due drawn from all the contracts in the database. Is there a way to create automatically, by script or by relationship, a set of 3 different date/amount records in another table or layout, from the 3 date fields which exist in the contract?  Then, once that is created, it is easy to sort in the other table/layout and print out a report of payments due.  Important to note that payments from several different clients could be due on the same day, thus necessitating a separate record for each in the new layout.


Many thanks for any help you can offer --