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    Split field data?



      Split field data?


      I have a field that has data that would be more useful if split into other fields. For example:


      HighSchool Everman
      JuniorHigh Fort Worth
      MiddleSchool Burleson

      and so on. The first word is the type and is almost always a single word. The second is a location and can be one or more words. I would like a "Type" field and a "Location" field.

      Also, there are some fields with only the type, and no location (e.g. "CentralAdministration"). I would assume these won't throw things off, I'll just have a blank in the location field.

      I don't seem to be smart enough to figure this out on my own ;) 

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          "Almost" is the term that keeps any automated fix from working perfectly as anything we set up will work correctly "almost" all the time.

          Is this to be a one time fix that moves data in an existing field into another field or something that you will need to do on a regular basis?

          You can use the leftwords, wordcount and rightwords functions to extract text from this field on a word basis, but given that "almost", anything I suggest will work almost all of the time as there is no way from the info you have posted to know whether a given "type" portion of the text is one word or two.