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Split single payment across multiple registrations:  portal issues

Question asked by Tusquittee on Jun 25, 2013
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Split single payment across multiple registrations:  portal issues


     Hi all, 

     My goal was to create a way to split a single payment across multiple registrations before supper time.... but, alas.. no such luck.wink  I've got a Payment Detail Layout with portal going to a Line Items Table.  Also have a Registration Details Layout with portal going to Line Items and sorted, in theory, so that only the specific split payments (line items) that had been applied to a specific registration would show up. 

     The difficulty is that for some reason the portal on the Registration Details Layout is showing not only the correct split payments.. but also an almost blank line portal row.  

     For example...From the student page I create a payment.  From the payment detail page the user must apply that specific payment (either all of it, or in portions) to a specific registration.  So far so good... Everything looks fine there.  There's the totally blank portal row at the bottom but that's fine because I need the users to be able to click for another row if they needed to split the check three ways.

     However, when you navigate back to a specific registration... not only do you see the portion of the payment that was just applied, but you also see an extra portal row that makes no sense.  Each of the portions of a payment are given their own Line Item ID yet the magically appearing extra portal row has NO line item ID and NO payment information... but it has duplicated the date of the previous portal row.  

     I don't understand where this odd portal row is coming from but I do know if I disallow the ability to create a new record in the Line Item Table from the Payment side... then the blank portal rows don't show up on the payment layout... nor do the odd magically appearing extra rows show up on the Registration Detail layout either.  This might be a possible solution but I really would prefer the user to be able to input information from one place instead of calling up another layout...

     So, has anyone else had this problem? I'm probably missing something very easy here... or.. if this is indeed about the blank portal rows at the bottom of the payment layout, is there anyway I can sort the portal records on the registraton detail layout so that they show up when they're applied AND when they're not empty?.... I'm guessing that would require some type of not isempty statement?

     Thanks in advance...