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    Split view?



      Split view?


      In Bento there is an option to see a table view and form view on same 'page'  Can this be doe in FMP10?  Its nice to scroll through a found set in a table then select and see th details in a form all on the same page.

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             In Table view, you can turn on the headers and footers (Layouts -> Layout Setup... -> Views -> Properties...), and place fields in the header/footer, that will show related information for the currently selected record.  I don't use Bento, so I'm not sure if this will be similar.
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               You might also be able to use a portal for this. Your portal can list a series records and fields in the rest of the layout can be set up to show data from a selected portal row.
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              Cool.  I think the portal idea might fit best.



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                Here's a simple outline of this method. Your database design may require modifying things a bit to fit your needs and database structure, but hopefully this will get you pointed in the right direction.


                Let's use just one table and two self joins--one for the portal and one for the "detail" fields of the selected portal row:

                Table: Fruit

                ID    Name    Variety

                1     Apple    Granny Smith

                2     Apple    Gravenstein

                3     Apple    Arkansas Black

                4     Apricot  Patterson

                5     Apricot  Tilton


                Define one global number field: gFruitID


                Two new table occurrences of this table: AllFruit, SelectedFruit



                Fruit :: ID x AllFruit :: ID  // Select the "x" operator instead of the default = operator in the relationship so that all records match

                Fruit :: gFruitID = SelectedFruit :: ID


                Create a blank form type layout based on Fruit

                Base the Portal on AllFruit, put field AllFruit :: Variety in the portal


                Put SelectedFruit :: Name and SelectedFruit :: ID on your layout (not in the portal).


                Write a script:

                Set Field [ Fruit :: gFruitID ; AllFruit :: ID ]

                Commit Record


                Use button setup... to make AllFruit :: Variety in the portal a button that performs this script.


                Give AllFruit :: Variety a conditional format: AllFruit :: ID =  Fruit :: gFruitID and select a fill color to highlight the field when that portal row is clicked.


                Now, enter browse mode and test. When you click a portal row, you should see the row change color and the other two fields in that record appear in the layout.

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                  PhilModJunk, Thanks!

                  I'll need to digest this when I get home.  Been on da road this whole week.

                  Tweaking the Db to fit won't be an issue, its all in exporation phase.  (I'm figuring 2-3 iterations of the DB)