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Splitting a record into two records

Question asked by Tod on Nov 29, 2013
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Splitting a record into two records


     I'm working with an excel file of membership info for a social club.  The excel file is set up with each row as a discrete record for each membership "unit," which can be a single person or a couple.  In the case where there are two people in a unit, the columns for that person's individual data are labeled "first2" "last2" "b-day2" etc.

     What I'd like to do is duplicate those two-person units into two records that would keep all the common info (such as address, city, zip) but would keep person 1's individual data in one record (stripping person 2's data" and person 2's data in the second (again stripping person 1's info).

     If anyone has any creative ideas such as scripting or complex calculations, I'm listening.

     Thank you,