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    Splitting cost out



      Splitting cost out


      I am looking for a solution to automatically enter values, in our business we have three programs with separate pricing OR you can buy a discounted package for the three, I am looking for a way to make a tick box and it will split the various packages out to each class.

      For example one discount package price is $2277.05

      Class one cost $1308.53

      Class two cost $483.76

      Class three cost $483.76

      Another package price is $2331.31

      Class one $1354.57

      Class two $488.37

      Class three $488.37

      I already have a box for each class, I need to add fields for each amounts with a box to check for the package and then FM will auto enter the amounts, I use FM version 10 and 11.

      Thanks for any help



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          Are you trying to have a total line that will calculate based on either the selection of classes (the checkboxes) or the discount for all three? (ie discount applied when all three boxes are checked?

          Or are you just trying to show the components only when the box is checked?

          These are two very different things a little more information will help (ie what do you mean by split out)


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            Table structure will help here as well. This sounds like you are filling in a sales invoice where the products you can purchase may be "package deals" or "kits" where selecting one "product" actually selects a group of products from your list. As aammondd requested, let us know some more about what you are trying to do here so that we can better help you out.

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              I want it to enter the component when the appropriate box is checked.  So I will have a box fo the $2277 package price and when checked it will enter the assigned value to the corresponding class, ie Choices $1308  Giver I $483 and Givers II $483 and the same for the other package prices there are 4 packages to be split out, currently we are entering by them by hand.  I have a screen shot but don't know how to attach it as my icon is grayed out.

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                Easiest way to attach a screen shot is to go back to the first post and click the edit link there. You can also upload to a sharing site and then post a link to the file here.

                We understand the pricing scheme, but need to know what tables and relationships you've created in your file in order to better advise you.

                If this is a standard invoicing system with tables/relationships like these:


                Then when you select a "package", you want to see all the items that make up that package listed in LineItems, but only the package price should be charged. If you add each Package as a separate products record and use an additional table to list the items that make up that package, there are ways to set up a script that will take the selected package and add its items to lineitems, but charge the package price in place of the individual item prices.

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                  Phil I have attached the screen shot and I was thinking of adding the checkboxes, above the blue box in the white area, we are a seminar business so the 'package' is a special price for all three seminars together.  I was thinking there should be a way to tick the box and have the 3 values populate the correct boxes?

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                    It can certainly be done, but I still have no idea what tables/relationships you have in place.

                    The biggest potential problem I see with your layout is flexibility in adjusting to future changes. It looks like you might end up having to make design changes each time the items you sell change.

                    Are all possible seminars listed with a check box so that they can be sold either separately or in a package?

                    What happens if next year you have 4 seminars and 3 different seminar packages to offer?