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splitting data into two fields

Question asked by KirkSchanze on Oct 8, 2011
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splitting data into two fields


Hi all, I have an Excel spread sheet with three columns of data that I need to split into two fields in the DB.

The information is in three parts on the spread sheet.

  1. Municipality
  2. Fee Description
  3. Fee Rate

I need to have a drop down or pop-up box for one field that lists the Municipality and the Fee description.

The second field  I need to list the fee rate.

The catch is that I want the fee rate to populate the field when someone selects the Municipality. I’m also wanting to be able to change the fee rates when there is an increase and somehow be able to import it in to File Maker pro.


I’m not sure if I need to set up a value lists or how to relate or link these fileds in the DB.


Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.