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    Splitting Names



      Splitting Names


      Hello All,

      I know "its in the help area of FMK" somewhere, but after 3 days looking for it, I'm now seeking help.

      I have a excel sheet with FULL Names and Complete Addresses.

      What I need to do is ...split up the "FULL NAME" of persons shown in the "FULL NAME" column of excel, then

      import the info into FMK into different Fields or WORK IT WHILE IN FMK 11.

      Presently, :

      They looks like this.

      "FULL NAME"   Addresss

      Rick Jones       1234 Stone St. Irvine, CA.

      What I would like is to either adjust "In FMK" the info. to show in FMK Fields as:

      First Name     Last Name              Address             City        St

      Rick               Jones                     1234 Stone St.  Irvine     CA.

      I think, I've seen in FMK a way to split up the info, but can't find where in FMK.

      I presently have the new field names built in FMK. I just need to take the FULL NAME info and Addresses and

      get them to recognize the New Fields.

      Any Help would be appreciated.



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          Define a text field to receive the full name text. Define auto-enter calculations on the first and last name fields that extract the first or last name. Enable auto-enter options during import (Careful this enables ALL auto enter options--not just these two calculations and the names will be automatically parsed into the first and last name fields.)

          You can also just import the full names into the text fields and use Replace Field Contents with the same calculations to parse the name field.

          The trick here is in creating calculations that work with also possible name combinations. You don't indicate in your example if this is possible, but you often find middle initials, two word first names, hyphenated last names, Jr. Sr. III and other text in your full name field and your calculations have to correctly handle all the different possibilities.

          LeftWords ( FullNameField ; 1 )

          Would return the first word as the first name.

          RightWords ( FullNamefield ; WordCount ( FullNameField ) - 1 )

          Would return all other words into the last name field, but that still leaves the issue of whether any middle initials etc. might exist in your data and into what field you would like to parse that data.

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            IT works,

            Thanks so much.

            I was able to get the answer done nicely.