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Splitting Names

Question asked by gldiaz on Apr 25, 2011
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Splitting Names


Hello All,

I know "its in the help area of FMK" somewhere, but after 3 days looking for it, I'm now seeking help.

I have a excel sheet with FULL Names and Complete Addresses.

What I need to do is ...split up the "FULL NAME" of persons shown in the "FULL NAME" column of excel, then

import the info into FMK into different Fields or WORK IT WHILE IN FMK 11.

Presently, :

They looks like this.

"FULL NAME"   Addresss

Rick Jones       1234 Stone St. Irvine, CA.

What I would like is to either adjust "In FMK" the info. to show in FMK Fields as:

First Name     Last Name              Address             City        St

Rick               Jones                     1234 Stone St.  Irvine     CA.

I think, I've seen in FMK a way to split up the info, but can't find where in FMK.

I presently have the new field names built in FMK. I just need to take the FULL NAME info and Addresses and

get them to recognize the New Fields.

Any Help would be appreciated.