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Splitting text in one field to multiple fields

Question asked by Annette on Jan 7, 2013
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Splitting text in one field to multiple fields



     I am trying to import records into a database I currently have from an excel file.  First what I did was just create a basic filemaker database and import the records into it.  What the user did was put the address in one field seperated by commas like this; 1, This Street, This Estate, Town, County

     I have that imported into a field called Full Address.  I have fields in the database called Address 1, Address 2, Town, County. 

     I'm not sure how to begin pulling the information into the seperate fields.  I know its a calculation but where do I put the calculations and what is it?  Also, is there a way to differentiate those that may only have the number and street and not the estate like the example above?  I think it would be something like anything before and after first comma go in Address 1, to the right of last comma in county, left of last comma in town and anything in middle of those in address 2?  Or maybe I just don't know what the hell I'm doing and should shut up ha ha. 

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.