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Sports Carnival Set Up

Question asked by tomo17 on May 31, 2011
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Sports Carnival Set Up


Building a carnival database from scratch.  I have a table that has athlete information ie name, age, team, athlete ID and an event program with event number, event, location.

I have a third table that i want to use to record results on.  I have this table linked to the event program via event number and to the athlete information via athlete id (this autofills name surname and team)

I want to be able to select an event from the program, go to a layout that has the event info in the header and then be able to enter results. i can call up the athlete id and their information but for some reason the layout i have set up keeps creating a new event rather than results related to each event. 

Currently the layout is linked to the event program table

I am sure there is a simple solution....