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    Sports Carnival Set Up



      Sports Carnival Set Up


      Building a carnival database from scratch.  I have a table that has athlete information ie name, age, team, athlete ID and an event program with event number, event, location.

      I have a third table that i want to use to record results on.  I have this table linked to the event program via event number and to the athlete information via athlete id (this autofills name surname and team)

      I want to be able to select an event from the program, go to a layout that has the event info in the header and then be able to enter results. i can call up the athlete id and their information but for some reason the layout i have set up keeps creating a new event rather than results related to each event. 

      Currently the layout is linked to the event program table

      I am sure there is a simple solution....

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          It sounds like you need to make a Results table. This would be a join table between athletes and the events, where one field would note "winner status" or the place(s) the athlete(s) came in for any one event.

          I also would consider breaking out another table just for teams. Then athletes can become members of a team which would make your efforts more versatile in the future and easier to enter today.

          How you want to enter your 'Results' events dictates the exact method to build this.