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Spreadsheet and table question

Question asked by covita on Jan 24, 2010
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Spreadsheet and table question




I am development director for a small non-profit, and I've used Filemaker as a hobbyist for many years (pre-relational years!) I can't get any of the consultants in my area to help since they seem to be swamped. FYI: I have tried to use RCC's free donation template, but found that I really needed to go another direction. (If you want to offer your services, please feel free to contact me privately)


I am slightly in over my head but stubborn enough to keep trying! So, I have a two-part question, and am not finding an answer in this forum, or beyond:


1. Can I include a table-style layout in my database to create an unrelated spreadsheet?  Like side-car? No calculations are needed, just ablity to sort A-Z or by date. This is for a very simple, three-column table I want to use to organizing a to-do list for deadlines, and it would be neat to keep it inside the FM environment.


2. Or, Is there a simple way to stick a external Excel spreadsheet into a container, and have it open and editable?


At present I have used a live Google Docs spreadsheet, sitting in a web-page container. Works fine, but I have a nagging feeling it would be good to get it our office hard drive.


Thanks for any simple suggestions. I am finding the database vernacular a bit of a challenge.


Covita Moroney

San Antonio, Texas