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    Spreadsheet field



      Spreadsheet field


      Some of my window cleaning clients have many locations and on their master record, I need to add in details of the address of each location and other details such as price etc.

      What sort of field should I set up?

      Bento used to have a spreadsheet type field...


      When emailing them the quote via a script button, how would I indicate that field and that particular entry information from the spreadsheet?

      I am using FMP12Adv


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          Did you close comments because you found the answer to your question or was this done by accident?

          If you still need assitance, post back here and I'll share a demo file you may find helpful.

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            I didnt realise I'd closed it off?  I can see a button where I have the opportunity... But no, I still need help there, Phil

            Just a bit of clarification, I need the spreadsheet type field on my main imput layout, not on a seperate layout.


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              As Community Leader, I can re-open a thread that has been closed to comments...

              You'll need to describe what you need in more detail. In FileMaker, you can create as many fields as you need of type, number, date, text, calculation and others--you can look these up in FileMaker Help.

              I'd guess that you may want what is called a repeating field where one field can store many repetitions of the same type of data, but if so, this is not a good option to use. In FileMaker, a table of related records is almost always the better option.

              In FileMaker, you'd probably have a table for clients and either put address fields in this clients table (If only one address for each client) or you'd link it to a related table of clients (When there might be more than one address for the same client--say one client owns or manages more than one building where your window washers wash windows.) Each time a service is performed, a new record would be created in a related Invoices table and yet another related table might list each service performed for that customer on that visit to their site (if a window washer does more than one service...)

              We'll be glad to answer specific questions here, but investing in a book and/or tutorials to learn more about FileMaker would help you get up to speed in this product. (And don't forget the tutorial in the Help menu)

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                Thx Phil

                Your assumed scenario is pretty close to my aim.  I do have a main table for my client list.  About 10% of those have multiple sites.  I have a related table for sites.

                I am wanting to have a tab on my main layout that also shows that clients sites. 

                Is it possible to have a layout with 2 bodies?

                1 body showing a normal layout and the secondary body (list view) showing all of that particular clients sites.

                ATM, i have to have separate layouts. I may have one client on my main layout and if I wish to view their sites, I have to switch to another layout showing the sites and search again for that client.  I can't seem to search for a client in my main layout and have all their sites show up as well (modifiable)  It just shows 1 of their sites.

                Reason I asked about spreadheet fields was that in Bento, you can have a spreadsheet field that you can add the sites to, and view all and modify, all on the main record.


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                  It sounds like you want a Portal (a linked, separate table that appears on the same layout)

                  The tables on the right of my attached image are from a separate table in the database.

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                    That looks pretty much exactly what I need, Grant.

                    Is it modifiable?



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                      Yes, if you mean can you control the layout.

                      As someone who is a visual learner, I've attached a screenshot of the underlying table relationship showing how it's setup, and how the Portal is setup (you add a Portal from the toolbar when in Layout Edit mode (Mouse over them to find the correct one).

                      This database is one where i request permissions from users who have posted an image at a genealogy site for me to use their photo on my own private genealogy site. 

                      Portal Setup

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                        That looks great, Grant.

                        I'll do some research to adapt it to my needs.  Many thx.