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    SPSS Codes into Drop boxes in Filemaker Pro



      SPSS Codes into Drop boxes in Filemaker Pro


           Hi everyone,

           I have created a new database in FMP 11 by exporting the SPSS file as a .csv of my current database. In SPSS, I have some variables with a lot of codes (ex. Languages has about 50 codes (1 = English, 2 = French, 3 = Spanish, etc)). 

           When I am in Filemaker Pro and have a variable box for Languages, the code shows up (ex. 1 for a participant), but I was wondering if there is any way to make a drop box that shows (1 - English, 2 - French) on this existing data and future data? This information is in SPSS in Variable View (when you go to manage codes, you can see 1 - English, etc).

           Information is below:


           1) FileMaker Pro 11
           2) Operating System: Windows 7
           3) FileMaker in single user mode
           4) New to Filemaker
           5) I have exported data from SPSS in a .csv form (variables as columns).
           6) No scripts or calculations or fields/relationships.



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               SPSS means? Don't think I really need to know, but when you post abbreviations and don't identify what they stand for, it can lead to miscommunication.

               Presumably, you can use your imported data to create a table where you have a record for each code in one field and the language name in another. You can then define a value list to list values, selecting the code field for the first field (Primary) and the language name field as the secondary. This then can be used in a drop down list that will list both the code and the language name while the value list is deployed, but what is entered when the user selects a language will just be the code. If you want to also see the language name, define a relationship from your layout's table to this table of language records and add the language name field from this related table, locating it next to the code field that you have defined as a drop down. Or you can use the pop up menu option instead of drop down list and not need to add this additional field.

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                 Thank you!