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SPSS Codes into Drop boxes in Filemaker Pro

Question asked by LinaX on Dec 24, 2012
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SPSS Codes into Drop boxes in Filemaker Pro


     Hi everyone,

     I have created a new database in FMP 11 by exporting the SPSS file as a .csv of my current database. In SPSS, I have some variables with a lot of codes (ex. Languages has about 50 codes (1 = English, 2 = French, 3 = Spanish, etc)). 

     When I am in Filemaker Pro and have a variable box for Languages, the code shows up (ex. 1 for a participant), but I was wondering if there is any way to make a drop box that shows (1 - English, 2 - French) on this existing data and future data? This information is in SPSS in Variable View (when you go to manage codes, you can see 1 - English, etc).

     Information is below:


     1) FileMaker Pro 11
     2) Operating System: Windows 7
     3) FileMaker in single user mode
     4) New to Filemaker
     5) I have exported data from SPSS in a .csv form (variables as columns).
     6) No scripts or calculations or fields/relationships.