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SQL connectivity problems

Question asked by mcobbe on May 4, 2009


SQL connectivity problems


I have developed a solution in Filemaker 9 Advanced (Mac), running on Filemaker Server 9 (Mac).


I am having several problems with exchanging data with a remote SQL server. I have a loop that steps through a series of records, posting each record to SQL. The data is simple and repetitive. The data is name, an id number, a username, password and some dates. I have escaped the apostrophe in the name. My scripts that execute SQL statements work only about 70% of the time. The other 30% of the time I get a SQL error that makes absolutely no sense: it is gibberish or in Chinese or both.


Another script updates user records on the SQL database. Today, it stopped the update after the first 17 records. I have the script build a single SQL statement for all of the records, and the apostrophe is escaped for any field that might contain an apostrophe.


In addition, if I am running these scripts, there is a fair chance that it will crash Filemaker, requiring a complete system restart.


I have restarted the Filemaker Server. 


Has anyone had any experience with this?