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SQL difference between Let() and Import using ExecuteSQL()

Question asked by Claw'd on Aug 20, 2015
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SQL difference between Let() and Import using ExecuteSQL()


Had a problem for a while that is now solved but by a work around.


The problem was that when using ExecuteSQL() in a calculation that referenced a remote server with a log in the credentials that were saved in the DSN against the ODBC connection were queried after the connection to the server was initiated. the result was that instead of using the stored credentials the connection would ask for a user name and password.


Walking this through the 'Let' statement created the connection always before the DSN was queried.


Doing away with the let and using  import to get the data into a field as an update uses the stored connection details and solved the problem.


Question: why are these two ExecuteSQL methods different?


It seems that Let() is at fault here, is there a way to use Let() that forces use of stored usr/pswd in DSN?


FM 13 and 14 behave the same way.