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    SQL error #1064



      SQL error #1064


           When running this sql query:

      "SELECT `customers`.`customer_name`

      FROM customers"
           I get this result (as expected)
           However, when updating the query to this:
      "SELECT `customers`.`customer_name`
      FROM customers
      WHERE (`customers`.`customer_name` Sandy)"
                I get this error:

           I can't, for the life of me, find this error. Any clues?

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               I'm not fully fluent in SQL and each DB system such as MySQL uses its own "Flavor" of SQL, but that WHERE clause doesn't look like correct syntax to me. That may just mean, however that the expression uses syntax that is unfamiliar to me rather than wrong. To me, it looks wrong as it's not a boolean expression that would evaluate as True or False for each record specified in the SELECT clause.