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    sql Query



      sql Query


      I have a filemake pro 11 adv and I also have a sql database and all the tables in sql database are showing up in the relationships area of filemaker pro. Im using it as a frontend/dashboard to work with the sql files. I am trying to run sql query againt a table but it showes and error.


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          An SQl Query, you say?  That doesn't work?  With an absolutely meaningless error message?  And you've done everything exactly to the One And Only SQL Standard? I just can't believe it!  You must be the only person in the world!  Hold on - did you happen to run it on the second Friday of the month? Or was there a full moon? Ambient temperature less than 22C? You own a Red Setter dog...?

          From my experience any or all of these reasons for failure are likely.  Spot the Old Cynic who is truly sick and tired of the vagaries of SQL.

          I'd try changing the file name to remove the period between IT and WorkRequest. After that, I hand you over to the Underworld of Subterfuge that is the secret handshakes of SQL.

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             IT is the Schema name and in sql the IT and . has to be there when you are writing queries unless its the defauld dbo. Ihave tied it both ways with and with out the IT. The tables are in a sql database not filemaker pro I have set itup so that filemaker sees the sql database and use filemaker to inseart my information into my sql database.