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SQL Query Builder import

Question asked by orbix on May 14, 2009
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SQL Query Builder import


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We are using FileMaker5.5 importing data from ODBC.

We have just upgraded to FileMaker to FileMaker10.


FM5.5 if we do import,ODBC data source, Select ODBC Driver, User name and password, then SQL Query Buildercome up and We can see and select the any name of Tables, then Columns appearto see and select.

Now with FileMaker 10, wecan do the same,

Do import, ODBC data source,Select ODBC Driver, User name and password, then SQL Query Builder come up, BUTwe can see the data on the TABLES, but not in COLUMNS.

We can select any table,but nothing showing the data in the Columns!!!!


We are accessing samedata from same computer using same ODBC data source.

Still Filemaker 5.5 is in the same computer and can access to the data, but not FM10.

Why FileMaker10 cannotsee the data in the Columns?

If anyone can help us please??

Thank you very much.

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