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sql query problems

Question asked by djkm on Feb 17, 2009


sql query problems


I have quite a bit of experience with older Filemaker versions, but none with version 10.  I've downloaded it as a trial because I would like to be able to query a third-party SQL db that we use constantly, but which doesn't always provide all the information we want in one place.


I have successfully established my sql db as one that Filemaker can access, and have been using the Filemaker query builder.  My problem is that one of 2 things happens:


either Filemaker imports 0 records, when I know there's a record that matches the ID number I specified in the Where statement; 


or Filemaker seems to be attempting to import every record in the db, regardless of what the associated ID number is, and even though the ID number is specified in the Where statement. (I say "seems to be", because I "Stop" the process when it's taking a ridiculous amount of time.)


I'm not even sure what questions to ask at this point.  A couple that have occurred to me:


- The ID number I'm trying to use has some leading zeros in the underlying database, although they are displayed without leading zeros.  Do those leading zeros need to appear in the Where statement?


 - The  ID number is in a different table than the other fields I'm trying to import - this shouldn't matter, should it?


 - one factor that may be affecting results is whether the db is open in my 3rd party software; I can't tell for sure.  Should this matter?  I can't possibly use Filemaker to query the db if I have to close it every time - as I said, we're literally using it constantly.


 - You guys have any other ideas?


Thanks in advance for any thoughts -