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SQL query question

Question asked by SkipGilleland on Apr 28, 2014
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SQL query question


     Not sure if this matters, but I have an ODBC connection with my Wordpress site and I need to get some information into a field in Filemaker with a calculation...just not sure on the calculation.

     2 tables (wp_posts, wp_postmeta)

     I have them connected correctly wp_post:id -> wp_postmeta:post_id

     Within the postmeta table there are three other fields (meta_id, meta_key, meta_value)

     I am trying to get all of the values within the field "meta_key" of "_my_meta_value_key".  

     Here is the Query my developer gave me..not sure if it helps, but incase I missed something.

     SELECT *
     FROM `wp_postmeta`
     WHERE `post_id` =22097
     AND `meta_key` LIKE '_my_meta_value_key'
     The attached image is what happens when I search for the post_id of 22097 in FM, not when I run the above mySQL query.