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    SQL Records showing as Question Marks



      SQL Records showing as Question Marks


      Hi there,

      I am trying to sync my FMP databast to SQL Server for the first time and a funny thing is happening. When I open the linked database in FM, it shows the correct number of records. In Table View, I can see the first few records , but everything below is filled with question marks. Then, after a few seconds, the number of records decreases to 6. As far as I can tell, no data is destroyed on the SQL side. I suspect something is corrupt in the data, which causes it not to display properly. I was wondering if there is a setting or something I should monitor to make my records are visible.

      I am running FMP 11 Advanced for OS X



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          Hi Stew,

           I am very happy to read your post, because I have the same problem. In the beginning I was using FileMaker 11 advanced as well, strangely here I did not have this issue. Now I am running my database on FileMaker 11 server (newest version). now I am not able to see all the records in the SQL table although I know all records are there. For example when there are 500 records I can see them for a part of the second and then I can only see a small part of them (70 or 30). when I refresh the window I am always just able to see exactly 6 records. I thought maybe this is the issue of the SQL driver that I am using? (Open source driver from actual technologies).

          Were you able to solve this problem? I would be very happy for any advise.

          kind regards,