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SQL Script

Question asked by RGoyette on May 26, 2010
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SQL Script


Hello all.  I am using FMPRO 11 for Windows, talking to an Oracle database via ODBC.


I have a script that builds a SQL call:


"SELECT * FROM prpsl."&Events::Short Beamline Name&"_prpsl_V where RUN_CYCLE_ID='"&Beamline Info::Run Cycle&"' and PRPSL_ID not in (select PRPSL_ID from <FileMaker Pro Table Name>  where RUN_CYCLE_ID='"&Beamline Info::Run Cycle&"')"


The <FileMaker Pro Table Name> is tha part causing me trouble.  I have a FM table named Events, which has a field PRPSL_ID.   I am trying to say:  Select PRPSL_ID from the Oracle database if PRPSL_ID does not appear in the Events::PRPSL_ID.  The problem is how do I specify the table name Events?  I have tried


(select PRPSL_ID from Events...           but that throws an error.


Any suggestions?