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    SQL searches



      SQL searches


      My company bought a File Maker Pro Database. We are now out of money to ask for new implementations and I am in charge of making future changes and running reports etc... I am trying to get familiar with the system, my only background is in Access. On the old system I was able to go to the tables and test my own SQL searches that would give me the results I was after when the interface didn't provide those type of searches.


      Is there a way I can access that area of the File Maker Pro database where I can run SQL searches and do some testin. My main objective today is to do a search for duplicate emails so I can start cleaning data.


      Any help would be greatly appreciative.





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          You can't do SQL searches of that sort from within filemaker.


          However, you can simply enter find mode and start making various find requests. This is something like going to the Query Builder in access but having access to your form or report at the same time. Generally, simple searches in filemaker are easier to do than you would with SQL. As the search criteria become more complex, you reach a point (IMO) where the SQL would be an easier option.


          In your case, you can put a ! in the email address field while in find mode to find all records with duplicate email addresses.

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            Thanks a lot, I am going to try that, will the same ! characther work for a constraint search of LastName FirstName?

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              I'm not sure what you mean by a "constraint search"


              I suggest experimenting with your database while reading up in the help system. It's a different approach from SQL and much can be learned by simply trying out different features and combinations. If you try something and can't figure out why you got the results you did, post a question here at the forum and we'll try to help you figure it out.

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                Thanks a lot, I am experimenting and learning this system, I will be asking for more help as I need it.

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                  Don't hesitate to describe an issue in terms of how you would do something in terms of SQL or an MS Access/visual basic approach if you find you need to. A few of us here also speak VB/MS Access and can help you with the "translation".

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                    sql constraints kind of equivalent are in the field options, tab Validation.


                    there you can say that a field must not be null or must containt only numbers, etc..