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SQL statement issue??

Question asked by nickleback400 on Jun 12, 2015
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SQL statement issue??


Hello. and thanks for having a look:

Im trying to send an SQL statement to FileMaker using Labviews  SQL.

If I configure my data base fields all as data type "Text", all is fine; but if I configure _DATE_TIME to be a "Timestamp" using the following code:

INSERT INTO  "GPS CN Test"  ("_DUT", "_TYPE", "_SWVER", "_DATE_TIME", "_TEST", "_STATUS", "0.00")  VALUES  ('3KA000071', ' ', ' ', '03/04/2015 10:37:13', 'GPS CN Test', ' ', '60.00')  

I get an error  
FQL0013/(1:108): Incompatible types in assignment. in ADO Connection>Insert into a

As I say, if i change _DATE_TIME data type to "Text", the statement works which would indicate the format im putting into the field is wrong, but I cant see anything wrong with the format (03/04/2015 10:37:13)

Any ideas

Thanks in advance