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SQL-Server, 30 second timeout

Question asked by kapitaen_1 on Dec 4, 2012


SQL-Server, 30 second timeout


     Hi all,

     using the sql script step, i can send sqlcommands to an sql-server. Works fine.

     But ... if the sql command takes a long execution time, the command will abort after 30 seconds.

     Inside the microsoft dotnet world, i can setup timeouts for the sql connection, 30 seconds, 300 seconds, 3.000 seconds, or even more. And i can setup a second timeout for the command itself. So commands that run many minutes can complete.

     In Filemaker (11.2 advanced) i didn´t find such a timeout setup. And the odbc setup for sql-server (on win 7 64)  doesn´t have a timeout value too.


     Is there anybody who can give me a hint how to setup longer sql timeouts in filemaker?


     Thank you!

     greetings from germany