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    Squares rather than text during managed MSI install



      Squares rather than text during managed MSI install


      I'm deploying Filemaker Pro Standard from Windows 2008 Server (using Group Policy) to Windows XP clients.  I'm using the MSI, and using Orca to create an MST with our organizational settings (including English for AI_LANGUAGE).  On the server, FMP is deployed as published software, with the Basic installation interface setting, and with the new MST as a modifier.

      However, when a user installs the software from the Control Panel, all of the text/characters are replaced by squares/boxes.  It looks very similar to the screenshot at http://www.databuzz.com.au/downloads/fm10_install.jpg.  When the user clicks OK, the install completes successfully.


      As I said above, this only happens when the "Basic" installation user interface is chosen in Group Policy - if this is set to "Maximum", the full English text shows up (I use Basic because I've added all of the necessary settings in the MST, and so there's no need for the install to be interactive once the user kicks it off).  I should also mention that the boxes show up regardless of what language is chosen in the MST - if the install is Basic, there's no text.


      Anyone else seen this?  Ideas?

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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, this behavior has been reported previously.  This occurs for some users and not others; regardless of Basic or Maximum.  As you have discovered, the product successfully installs regardless of the dialog box.


          If you encounter any difficulty after installation, please let me know.



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