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Stacked Bar Chart, FM12

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Feb 16, 2013
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Stacked Bar Chart, FM12


     Great to see that FM 12 has added a stacked bar chart.  Rather than go through all the things I've tried, could someone tip me in the right direction, please?

     I have 4 fields

                    Production Line                     Product                     Quantity                     Sequence
                    A                     Sausage                     2                     1
                    A                     Burger                     3                     2
                    A                     Steak                     4                     3
                    B                     Chipolata                     1                     1
                    B                     Steak                     2                     2
                    B                     Burger                     3                     3

     And, yes, you've guessed, I want it to display like this:

     Line A    XX YYY ZZZZ

     Line B    X YY ZZZ

     I cannot get it to stack the bar - usng the 'found set' as the data source shows me only the values for the current record.  Sorting by Production Line will bring show only two lines (any other shows one bar per record) but it still only shows the value of the active record.  I have tried adding a second value to the X Axis, but I don't really want a second value - I want the same field, stacked for all the records in the found set.  (If I don't sort the records it just displays like a simple bar chart.)

     My latest attempt is:

     Horizontal axis: Production Line
     Vertical Axis: Quantity
     Sorting: By Production Line, by Sequence
     Show: Summarized values

     That shows:

     Line A XX
     Line B Y

     (In other words summarised by line, but only the first value for each)

     I'm sure it's something simple,

     Thanks for your help,