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stacked column chart?

Question asked by HeidiStewart on Mar 26, 2013
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stacked column chart?


     my database tracks students, my main table lists all the students, i want a stacked column chart that shows the number of students in each dept, but the stacked part comes from i want the column to show the number of students who are active verses non active.  my active field is a drop down with yes/no as an option from a value list. 

     the chart should show the 6 different departments as the X axis on the bottom and then show # of non-active (ie "no") students on the bottom and then active (ie: "yes") students on the top of the column.  so each column will have a total number of students in that dept.  so my data needs to count the records "Active" field with the selection  of "yes" for one Y axis and the selectin of "no" for the other Y axis.