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    Stacking Order and Layout parts



      Stacking Order and Layout parts


      FMP Advanced 10


      I'm experiencing some problems with layout objects not being displayed according to the stacking order I have set (moving back, forward etc.) which suggests that there is a hierarchy determined by layout parts. (and probably many other things 


      Does anyone know of any documentation, threads etc. which explain this behavior clearly? 


      Many thanks. 

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          backward moved objects maybee hidden by forward moved objects. In some cases it cayn help to set the forward moved things to "no background color" so that the backward things will shine through (oops, right words?). Another reason for things not showing is when their upper border will reach, or get into, the layout region before. Will say, an object that you will see mainly in the data region has its origin / upper border just one pixel inside the header reagion.


          greetings from germany