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    Staff planning



      Staff planning


      I'm in search off a way to plan staff/crew for projects. Which also has the possibility to see if people are available for certain weeks/days etc. 


      Has someone seen this before in Filemaker?


      Thank you! 


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          This relays to resource planning software.

          Look in www.hierarchy.lv - under Products is Time Table. This solution can be easy adopted for many uses.

          If no - I have some more complicated solutions for semi-automatic resource planning.

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            Hi, Thanks for your reaction.

            I'm in search of a solution where staff automatically get planned in a schedule. 

            there's a database with staff: minimal working hours p/w, Days that staf requested a day of etc.

            and there is a table projects : from day A till day B, how many people are needed etc. 


            Is there a solution for this?