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    Staggering labels



      Staggering labels


      A common problem in any office are wasted avery labels.  Is there a way when printing labels to start printing on a user specified label?  For instance, if only 3 labels need to be printed, can filemaker output those three labels half way down the page? 


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          What kind of labels are you talking about?  It may make sense to dedicate a small label printer that takes them as roll-fed (like an adding machine) so you can just print what you need

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            Hi Steve, thanks for the response.

            I'm talking about standard Avery 5160 labels (columns of three).  This is for small offices that aren't frequently doing mailings so a specialized printer wouldn't be an option.

            Really it's one of those small issues that I don't have to address but would like to.  I've worked in offices before, so I know how over the years you end up having boxes of partially printed avery labels.  The issue is particularly problematic with filemaker as labels templates start in the upper left and print *DOWN*, not across as almost every other program (like office) does.  Therefore filemaker 'leftovers' don't work with other office productivity software 'leftovers.'

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              If you are only printing a small number of layouts at a time, a dedicated label printer can save you a lot of hassle. When I walk through the door at FM headquarters in Santa Clara to attend a DigFM meeting, the security guard does that to print labels for each of us "guests" attending that user meeting.

              It's possible to set up a system where a series of blank records are generated as place holders for each used label such that your actual records print on the first unused label. I'd use a related table with a foreign key match field to the primary key of the table of your table that holds your label data for this so that I can avoid generating blank records in a table that stores actual data and also so that, if needed, I can print more than one copy of the same record's data on different labels without having to duplicate a record in the actual data table to do so.

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                Label printers are cheap. And using one gives you the one-label-across layout. No wasted labels, no piles of partially used sheets of Avery (expensive!) stock, and no complicated workarounds.
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                  strongly recommend considering a DYMO label printer - as Rick says, labels are on a roll, very cost-effective

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                    DYMO! that's the name I kept trying to recall unsuccessfully in my previous post. This is the brand used by FileMaker In. in the scenario I described previously.

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                      Next time a client asks if I can spare her the occasional Avery orphan I'll just tell her to get a new printer wink