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Stale Portals

Question asked by Nick_1 on Aug 20, 2015
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Stale Portals & the Separation Model


Imagine if you will! A pretty typical (I think?) order database. See the attached image.

The portal contains LineItems. Upon typing in a SKU, LineItem::Product ID (not displayed) is looked up from Product by SKU. LineItem::Price is then looked up from from Product.. The portal also contains related data from other tables.

This all works as expected until the Separation Model screws it up!

With the interface in a separate file, everything works OK if you create a new portal row by entering the SKU first. But if you enter a Qty and then the SKU, related data like Stock::Level doesn't appear until the window is refreshed. Lookups still take place, though!

Some forum searches reveal the separation model is prone to this kind of thing, but I haven't found other references to the order of data entry making a difference. This is weird to me. My solution is an OnTimer Refresh Window triggered by modifications of the SKU field, but this is hokey and I'd like something better.

Should I stop worrying and love the OnTimer?