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    stand alone / compiled  database



      stand alone / compiled  database


           Hi Group

           I was playing around (as you do) and in file maker pro10 - developer utilities I added one of my databases and created a customized set of files, I was then able to run this database on another PC without filemaker.

           is this like the old days when you could compile a database as a stand alone solution??


           regards Fluffy

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               Sort of. A runtime includes a "crippled" copy of your computer's FileMaker application and this is used in order to run the database on computers where FileMaker is not installed. 

               It has specific limitations--it only runs on the same platform as where it was produced. If you create the runtime on WIndows, it runs in windows. Create it on a Mac and the runtime only runs on macs.

               The runtime application can't be used to make design changes to the database file.

               Charts don't work.

               Save as PDF doesn't work

               Windows opened by New Window can't be closed when you click the close window control--you have to use a layout button to close it... (don't know if more recent versions still have this idiotic limitation, but FileMaker 10 runtimes do...)

               And a runtime application cannot be used as the client or host of a networked database. (But a runtime FILE can be hosted with FileMaker Server...)

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                 Hi Phil

                 ok, that won't work for me 8-(  thanks for your reply,

                 regards Fluffy