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    Standalone Runtime



      Standalone Runtime


      I've developed a program in FileMaker Pro 9 and just purchased FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced. I would like to know how to create a standalone runtime solution that will not require FileMaker Pro applications to be installed on someone elses computer.  Of course, I will need to know how to get my database on there.


      Thanks for your help.


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          Hi Blueboy,


          It's fairly simple to bind the runtime solution.  Open FMPA alone and choose 'Developer Utilities…' from the 'Tools' menu. Then add the .fp7 solution file(s); specify the project folder; and set the solution options.


          However, there is a lot more to your question so I would suggest you refer to pages 11 to 17 in the Development Guide which can be accessed from the FMPA 'Help>Product Documentation>Development Guide' menu. 

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               It is SUPER simple.  Filemaker Pro has done an excellent job with that interface.  Once you have the database ready, it is made into a standalone application within 5 minutes.  You do have to make a Mac version on a Mac machine, and the XP version on an XP machine.