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    Standard menu?



      Standard menu?


           Hi all,

           Hopefully an easy one for someone... I'm building a system for a part of my company and it will no doubt require quite a few layouts to meet the needs.  I want to have a menu (probably button-based as I have done before) on the layout with the required choices to simplify the use.

           Is there a way I can create a single menu system and have it appear on every layout I create? At the moment if I want to add a new button I need to go into every layout and add the new button manually.. this is obviously time-consuming. Any help, very much appreciated!



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               It's a frequent request, but no this cannot be done.

               You may be able to copy and paste the entire button set from layout to layout.

               You could use a drop down list or pop up menu with a script trigger for this and then you can update the value list used once and the update would appear on all layouts.