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Standard text?

Question asked by jackmac on Dec 23, 2013
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Standard text?


     Hi all,

     I want to have a way I can build an info leaflet for prospective clients using blocks of standard text I create. Depending on what they want, the leaflet would contain different info.

     Say I make standard text blocks 1 - 5 and I wanted to make a leaflet using blocks 1 and 2. I want to be able to say use a tick box system and it will copy the text I have already in the system (1 - 5). I need it to copy as there will be the odd occasion where I need to modify slightly but want the original text to remain the same.

     I know how to create the text blocks using a field, that's the easy part. It's tricky as I want to be able to copy them to a new location on the fly and modify then output to pdf. (pdf is the easy part too).

     Any ideas?