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    Start up script - web direct



      Start up script - web direct



      Is there a way so that to tell if a user has accessed the system via web direct ? I have a filemaker database, that has a front end registration form that is accessible via web direct only. Hence if the user logins in via web direct then the system should go to the registration page and use the guest account. However if the user comes in by the usual method, I want it to use the normal file authenication method and go to another layout. How can I acheive this ? thanks




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          hello - can anybody help ?

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            I'm new to web direct and I haven't seen a way to detect if the user is using web direct.    Your method does not sound secure.  I would suggest setting up a second database for registration that could automatically login with a guess account.  If the user need access to the other database then you could put a link to that database.  The link could be setup as a button and then have it close the registration database.  You could setup the registration database as an external storage in the main database if the data is need in the main database.

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              Take a look at the Get ( applicationVersion ) function as a way to identify if the current user is accessing via a web browser.

              I haven't done this, but I would think that you could grant all users very limited "guest"  access automatically and then use a re-login script step to log users back in with more privileges once you have determined if they are a web users or not.

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                Here is a link to the WebDirect user guide. https://fmhelp.filemaker.com/docs/13/en/fm13_webdirect_guide.pdf

                The bottom of Page 19 under Functions States

                To create conditional behaviors based on the type of client, use the Get(SystemPlatform) function. If the function returns 4, the current user is accessing your solution with FileMaker WebDirect.

                I still believe creating a second database is more secure because of the user using a guest account.