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    Starter Solution "Notes Field" Question



      Starter Solution "Notes Field" Question



      In the starter solution template "Contact Management", when you select the Contact Details tab on top there are several other tabs on the bottom portion of the page, one of those tabs is "Notes" used for recording notes about the contact.  The problem we are having is that the notes field is too small, we tend to have lots of notes at any given time and it is very difficult when checking a previous note to scroll through a very small window.  Is there a way to have just one note window and any time someone clicks "add a note" it opens the note window in a larger view and automatically puts the user name, date and time modified as a new update is entered.  We don't have to have new note boxes for each note, we just like to keep a rolling tab of notes with user, date and time modifications.  Just looking for a better way to interact with the notes field.

      I have looked at the button script and tried to figure out a better way to do this but am stuck.  I also have the Filemaker Pro 11 book, "The Missing Manual", but I have not been able to find a fix for this.  Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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          I am assuming that you are using FileMaker 11. FileMaker 12 starter solutions are quite different, so let me know if you are using FM 12.

          The add a note script could be modified to either switch layouts to a layout where you have a larger size version of this field or it could use the new window script step and open a new window and change layouts to this same layout with a larger notes field.

          Then you'd need a pause in your script so that the user can enter the note and click a button with the "resume" option to continue your paused script.

          You could also add a button to the portal row that uses Go to related Records to open the record in the row on this same layout--also in a new window if desired. This could be a way to view and/or edit a selected record.