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Starter Solution additions Manage>Database>Fields Tab for new TO

Question asked by pvw on Aug 26, 2013
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Starter Solution additions Manage>Database>Fields Tab for new TO



     I have a FMPro 12 file converted from excel.
     I have created auto serial and created dbl underscore kp field.
     This master file has 400+ fields (some empty.)
     I want to use a few of the Starter Solutions.
     I need to add Table Occurrences, some of which will have fields that link to the __kp file, and some fields in these TO will be new.
     Question 1: can numerous existing fields in __kp Manage>Database>Fields list be copied and pasted at one time into the Manage>Database>fields tab of the TO to help me define the new TO's?
     Question 2: the__kp file holds five fields each of 50 names (first1, last1, title1,gender1,biography1, first2,last2,title2,gender2,biography2, etc. ref. screen shot) and I presume a TO with a portal is the answer but what should the fields be in order to link up this data that exists in the __kp file? I hope to be able to use for calls, mailings, emails, and inhouse use for i.d. of influencers, key contacts etc.
     Also, and miscelleneously, is there a way to quickly scroll a long list of fields in the Relationships tab so one does not have to wait for the little arrow button at the bottom or top frame of the container?
     Thank you