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    Starter Solution color change



      Starter Solution color change


      I want to change the background color header in the starter solution "Contact Management."

      It appears to be a graphic element that won't let me reassign a different fill color to it, which seems odd.

      When I delete it and add a rectangle where in my color choice and switch to browse, the width is readjusted - the new rectangle atop is about 2" shorter on the right than the fields beneath it!   It's like that blue header controls the shape of what's below it.

      I can change all the other aqua boxes (insert picture, export picture, etc.) below to my color choice with no problem.  It's just the header where the full name and company fields sit.


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          Not sure why you are getting an apparent change in the size of your box, but there's an easier way to change the color of the header: Select the Header label by clicking it, then select the desired fill color and your entire header will change to the color you select.

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            I can change all the other boxes in the starter solutions "Contact Management" but not the top header.  Could you do me a favor and try it and see what I'm doing wrong?  Thanks!

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              Hi Mary Ellen,

              There is a graphic at the top of Contact Management but it's not in the header (it's in the body); it has no header.  It is set to resize (see Inspector > Position and Autosizing).  The far right lock means resize width.  Many of the objects on that layout are set to resize.

              You cannot change the color of this graphic.   There are a few things you can do if you remove that graphic (when in layout mode, select the layout to the right of the right-most button and you'll see the four handles appear, defining the layout):

              1) Add a header (layout part) and color the background of the header as you wish (after you delete the prior graphic).
              2) Replace it with a different graphic of your color choice or
              3) Simplest way ... create a rectangle, color the background as you wish and place it in the header area.  To get it precisely as before, measure the existing graphic in px (height and width) and also location (position left and position top) and create your rectangle the same.  You may have to Arrange > Send to Back so everything in that area sits on top of your new 'graphic.'

              Remember also to check autosizing (to width) if you want to match the existing style.