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Starter Solution Field Inserts and Moving them around

Question asked by RobbinBarbour on Oct 15, 2014
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Starter Solution Field Inserts and Moving them around


Hi, I have been away from FMP for many years and getting back involved with 13.    I am trying to do something very simply, but having problems.   I choose the Product Catalog Starter Solution, and need to add more fields to the layout.   Whenever I create the field, then import the filed to the page, the field is stuck in that position.   If I move the field around and go back to preview, the field is back in the initial placement.    

What am I missing?   Are the field positions locked down or something.  I can move them around easily in the layout mode, but they are either not moved in preview mode, or the placement is way off.   For example I type a name for the field, and the alignment is no where close in preview