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      Starter Solution Question


      I am modifying the Events Management template and it is going well with the exception that I want to re-order the primary tables (tabs) when you open the file.  It defaults to the Events tab first but I want to have the Contacts tab first.  I've looked all through databse and layout management but can't seem to find out how to accomplish this.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Events and Contacts in this file are not really tabs, they are layouts with buttons added to make it look like you have a tab control.

          In File Options, there's a script specified to run when the file opens. This script always takes you to the Events layout.

          You can change this script to take you to the Contacts layout instead.

          Open Script Manager

          Find the script titled "Open Script" and double click it to open it in the script editor.

          Leave the existing scripts steps in place (there's a sort that should take place on the events layout), and add this step to the end of the script:

          Go to Layout [Record Detail contacts]

          If you see a "flash" of the event layout when the file opens each time, you can add the Freeze Window step as the very first step of this script.

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            Thanks!  I did that and contacts is now the active default.  Is there a way to move the position of the contact layout to the left instead of being on the right?

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              You can enter layout mode and try editing the layout. You'll find that what looks like a tab control is really a combination of different layout objects set up to look like a tab control, but aren't. This includes invisible button objects placed over the layout text that labels each "tab" so this can be a bit tricky to edit, but it can be done. You might try dragging selection rectangles around the tab labels and then check for an extra set of 'selection handles' to an invisible object. You can format such an object with a fill color so that you can see it to get it position where you want it and then change it back to a transparent fill pattern.

              Just make sure that you make a back up copy before you try this so that you can always discard the file and switch to the back up copy if you mess it up and can't get it to work.

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                Oh yes, and since this is really two layouts, you'll need to edit both or the changes will "revert" when you click to change tabs.