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    Starter Solution Questions



      Starter Solution Questions


      Hi, here's a screenshot of the Starter Solution "Contact Management".  I'm wondering what the blue/red icons are in the "State" and "Zip" fields and, particularly what the yellow "T" (trigger?) icon is a the end of that portal row.  I'm trying to figure out how the "Go to related record" script is being called when a user clicks on a portal row.  Could someone shed some light?


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          I believe the diamond means conditional formatting is used on the field  and the T is a tool tip indicator.

          You might want to see if any of the fields are also set to be buttons or if there is a button in front of the field. One of filemakers neat features is that most anything on a layout can be made into a button.


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            Thanks aammondd, for your response.  I finally found the the button, after stripping the layout bare. as it was invisible, selecting it was like trying to pick up a needle from a tabletop with fingertips.  It's transparent and occupies an entire portal row.

            Clicking the button runs a single script step, "Go to related Contact":  Go to Related Record [From Table: "Similars_by_Choice"; Using Layout: <Current Layout>].  Somehow the script step knows which contact to "go to" based on the user's choice of portal row.

            I'm trying to do something similar.  I have a Table: "Organizations" related to "People" through a join table "Personnel" (many-to-many).  The layout has two portals, the left displaying records from Organizations and the right displaying records from Personnel.  The personnel portal is set to filter records according to the setting of Organizations::g_CurrentOrgFocus.  When a user clicks a portal row (my invisible button) in the organizations portal, I'd like my script to set that global to the org_ID of the record in the active portal row.  So far g_CurrentOrgFocus is being set to the ID of the first row, regardless of which row in the portal that is clicked.  Further suggestions?  I'm still quite the newbie.  Thanks

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              Ooops.... I had forgotten that I had made the entire Orgs Portal a button which was intercepting the clicks!  Another frustrating incidental that cost me a couple of hours!  Anyway, "All's well that..."; actually, the end is nowhere in sight! Thanks for the help!

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                To avoid Invisible button hassles, I use the following techniques:

                Select all the fields in the portal row and make them as a group into the button. (No need to group them before using button setup. Button setup will group them for you.)

                If I have to use an invisible button or I'm working with a file where some one else created one, I draw a selection rectangle around the area where the button is located, shift click any objects included in that selection to remove them from the selection, then change the button's fill pattern and color in order to make it easier to move/resize or otherwise modify. Then I change it back to transparent when I'm finished.

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                  @PhilModJunk- Great tips! I particularly like the "grouped" button approach!  You guy out there in the "Void" a truly the best!  I'd hate to have to rely solely on the FileMaker documentation!