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Starter Solution Script

Question asked by nihmbrisby on May 23, 2014
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Starter Solution Script


     I'm finding it very helpful to study the scripts in the starter solutions.  Am I correct in assuming that these must be well written since they're made by filemaker to represent their best methods? 

     Anyways, I have a specific question.  I frequently see a script used in a trigger "Trigger | Refresh Search." It's attached.  A script trigger that runs when you start your session sets $$PLATFORM = "Desktop" for mac or pc.  (and then tablet, phone, and web for the other platforms).  Why does the script set the ID field = to itself if the platform is not a desktop?  

     Does it refrain from Refresh Window [Flush cached join results] in order to minimize the impact on the mobile device's web connection? (from filemaker help: Do not select this option if you know your script does not affect related data, and if you want to minimize the performance impact of re-accessing related data (particularly when sharing a database over a network).  If so is this just them 'being safe' or should I strenuously avoid these sorts of things when developing a fmp go solution?