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      Starter Solutions


      While investigating the Starter databases it would be helpful if there was some explaination of some of the more advanced features that are included in the templates. Is there such a document and if so where do I find it?

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          Don't know of any such. The complete lack of even basic comments inside scripts and calculations, let alone design documentation on how each layout is put together makes them very irritating to work with even when you have developed FileMaker solutions for many years.

          But if you have a specific question about how a specific starter solution works, feel free to post that question here. There's a good chance that someone else has already wrestled with that feature to the point of understanding how it works and can explain their findings to you.

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            What is documentation? wink


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              I am specifically  interested in the Contacts iOS Layout sample. The 'Get Current Location' button on the detail layout. I am having difficulty following the script steps to get an address from the LocationValues. 

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                What version of FileMaker are you using? The starter solutions differ with each release of the product. When I open FileMaker 13's contacts starter solution, I find no layout named "Contacts iOS". I do find one named contacts | iPhone and another named Contacts | iPad. Neither show any "get location" function that I can see in a quick scan of the layouts. (I thought I knew where this one was headed as this solution uses a custom function to manipulate a web viewer in order to map a contact's address and that's been a source of confusion for users that do not have FileMaker advanced and thus can't examine custom functions or add them to their own solutions.)

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                  Someone else asked about those functions on another post.  The location command give you your current location, latitude and longitude.   The testing I done earlier today return incorrect information, I will take a look at later when I have the time.

                  Location is a built in Filemaker Go command.  The Geocoding returned just a { in the field. 

                  The GetMap custom function does not work correctly on the iPad (Shows half of the Map), I can't remember if it was correct on the iPhone.  I modified the custom function to fix the issue, which now does display correctly on the computer, iPad and iPhone.

                  Here is a link to the modified file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ddaqb3nj0psftg8/Contacts.fmp12?dl=0


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                    FM Pro 13

                    I am a RVer and trying to create an FMgo solution to help track expenses as we travel. When entering the details of an expense I was attempting to have a field that would auto enter the City & State based on the current location as determined by clicking a location services button. Is this something that can be accomplished without the advanced version of FM?

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                      It's theoretically possible, but would require a table of Cities with with GPSS coordinates from each so that your system can search the list for the closest match to the coordinates returned by your iOS device. I don't know if there is a web site that can be queried with this data or not.

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                        The contacts sample databases does give an address at your current location, it just not that accurate.  My location is 1225 and the contacts returns 1459-1499 as my location.   I'm not sure how accurate you need it to be.   You can adjust the accurate setting in the location command, but I don't know how accurate it would be.  I haven't did enough testing to verify.

                        Note the location command only works with Filemaker Go on an iPhone or iPad.