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Starting a School Database - help with setup and relationships

Question asked by AmyKraunz on Jul 17, 2012
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Starting a School Database - help with setup and relationships


Hello. I am a parent for a small charter school and even though new to FM have agreed to help setup a database. I feel like I have a very basic structure, but can already see how it will fall apart quickly. The main components will be a Student Page - with tabs for Info, Attendance, Teacher, Medical Issues. A Parent Page - Info, Volunteer Hours, Employment Info and MOST importantly Donations. This is where I am starting to fall apart. Right now for each student I have "Parent 1" with phone number and addresses and "Parent 2" with hone number and addresses. Have a drop down box for "parents share home", "single parent" and "parents separate homes". Works great for info page, but when I say want to do a mail merge of all parents - have the ones for the couples being addressed to them as a couple and then a page for just single parents and separate parents, not even sure how to set up this possibility. Also, one of the main points of this database will be to track donations, how can I credit say "parent 1" and "parent 2"? also how can i credit friends and neighbors that donate - should track through student's name? Also want to include table with staff info.

ANY help anyone can provide is much appreciated. This doesn't have to be a super complicated database, just want it to perform  useful function. Any free student databases out there that people know of? Did a search and couldn't find any.

Thank You!